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Our remarketing strategy is objective-driven to increase conversions, reengage users&maintain your online visibility



Remarketing is a very effective strategy in Digital Marketing that aims to keep a brand/page visible to specific users who have already gone through your site or application. In AdWords, one of the most commonly used tools for remarketing is a tag installed on strategic pages on the site marks and identifies the users who passed through it. The advantage is that you determine the audience, time, location, etc. and get all information in real time from who saw the ad.

A very famous technique of remarketing is sponsored links which are paid results that appear prominently in search results. The sponsored link campaign is based on an auction system and you only pay for the clicks you receive. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and others ads also adopt this template.

Digitally Gravity fully understands your goals and then initiate actions involving remarketing. In this advertising model it is possible to analyze which keywords generate the greatest results. We distribute your campaign budget accordingly. From an analysis of target audience behavior, we suggest the online media resource that best fits the campaign goal.

Digital Gravity improves your audience by managing contextualized and interactive ads on top search engines, portals and social networks in accordance with your business.

  • Through the briefing and a start-up meeting, we begin an in-depth study of the company, the public, and the customer's product or service.
  • We design campaign planning by defining the landing pages and the content for the ads.
  • We monitor the campaigns to optimize them and manage the budget, aiming for better results.
  • We submit monthly a performance report with information to follow up the results.
  • Through periodic meetings between the client and the team we discuss the results obtained and align the strategy.

Having a sponsored links campaign created by a specialized agency like Digital Gravity is critical to the success of your business / service on the internet.

  • Excellent placement in sponsored links, through techniques applied within the ad campaign.
  • Total measurement of results, through detailed reports.
  • Cost reduction on clicks, by improving the quality of the campaign.
  • Target audience focus.
  • Control of investment.

Our digital marketing strategy is centred around your core business objectives for maximum returns.

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