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Social-Media Optimization.

In recent years the growth of social media has been extremely high, going far beyond creating a venue for meeting friends. The possibilities of social media marketing with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Flickr and Blogs have definitely changed the way of use of online communication. Now you can take advantage of all the emerging social media potential with Digital Gravity experts.

A professional social media optimization project goes beyond content production. At Digital Gravity, we consider the fact that the digital presence of a brand should be thought of with a broad spectrum. We have developed a methodology that has already been used with dozens of clients, from different segments.

For a complete management of social networks, it is fundamental to integrate content with sponsored ads, within a macro strategy, that we call a campaign. The campaign is made from the union of knowledge about the product, the technique applied in social networks and the relationship with the leads.

Each social network management project has an analyst to monitor daily comments and brand references on social networks. With this constant monitoring, we also cater to such comments and turn that into a strategic report. Data analysis of social networks is fundamental to the constant optimization of the project. Our consultants will daily be in contact with you to organize the workflow and keep the company informed about the processes. Our clients also receive complete reports monthly, with data that is really important for the evolution of the project. We engage with your target audience and strengthen your brand in social media. We create and publish relevant and interesting content for your target audience in all the social media platforms.

  • Strengthening your brand by producing meaningful content for your target audience
  • Creating an extremely efficient communication channel for your company
  • Emphasizing on customer loyalty
  • Providing a great channel for the dissemination of new products and services
  • Disclosing new utilities and applications for your products
  • Emphasizing on increase in recurring sales

Our digital marketing strategy is centred around your core business objectives for maximum returns.

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