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Logo Design.

How to design a logo.

A business logo is an integral part of any company’s brand and directly influence the public perception. It’s the face of company that need to represent everything about the business and you can’t afford to make it ugly.

Digital Gravity offers businesses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE a one stop solution for business logo design. Our strength lies with our team of expert designers who have decades of experience working with an international clientele and a passion to deliver exceptional services to pull-out the best logo design for your business. Our logo designers will collaborate with you by understanding your business model, target audience and bottom lines to be achieved.

The Trusted Best Logo Design Company!

Trusted by hundreds of businesses, Digital Gravity is Dubai’s premium logo design company. Over the years we have built a reputation centered around quality and excellence. we are known across UAE to deliver exceptional logo design ideas that are meant to give businesses the boost it needs to stay ahead of the competitive curve.

With decades of industry experienced and a prolific record of international projects, we have the resources and expertise to create logo design ideas that serve the branding needs of businesses and deliver an impactful marketing identity. With a relentless approach, we remain committed to client satisfaction and offer unlimited design revisions and client guidance for exceptional client servicing.

Logo Design Dubai – A local company with an international reach!

UAE is a melting pot of businesses with regional and international businesses pouring in looking to achieve success and glory. At Digital Gravity, we understand the significance of a professional business logo to the success of any business and our team of talented designers are able to deliver clients a seamless experience for logo design services.

We got some pretty aggressive and passionate designers at our side, who have the aptitude to understand the unique needs of individual businesses. We understand that your business logo will be the face of your business; an element by which your clients will remember and connect with you. That’s why our systematic process involves utmost care and thorough consideration of each and every aspect of a logo design process. From conceptualization to first logo design idea and from the first mock logo to finalization, our professional designers will closely collaborate with you to ensure the perfect design that reflects your business values to the truest sense.

Intimidating Logos that bring life to your brand!

The ideal business logo is one that instantly connects with the customers as well as reflects the true business values. Remember, if your business logo isn’t able to create a buzz in the market, it’s not worth it. At Digital Gravity, we innovate logo design ideas that are meant to deliver an impactful boast to your business and helps it to connect with customers. Our logo design online services are meant to ensure your business logo isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but conceptually strong to be able to engage masses.

Why Choose Digital Gravity logo design online?

Because we are one of the leading and premium custom logo design company in Dubai, UAE. We strongly believe in innovation and originality, have the expertise and passion to deliver exceptional business logo design ideas to businesses in Dubai and across UAE. Each and every designer of our team comes with decades of experience and a strong command over the service to ensure creating professional and enchanting logos that adheres to the business model and branding needs.

We offer fresh logo design ideas to clients to help them choose the best design and are pleased to incorporate any suggestions from the client to ensure the perfect logo. The ultimate vision for our logo design online service remains to transform the business values of our clients into a digital identity that relates and connects to the target audience. Thus, not just helping clients to boost their business but also help in establishing the business as brad with a proudly designed business logo.

Our Logo design difference:


With nearly a decade of experience and hundreds of successful logo design projects, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the perfect business logo design ideas that reflect unique business model and connects with the target audience.

A Professional systematic Logo Design Process

We have put in place a robust systematic process for logo design service that’s supervised by Senior Art Director with multiple quality checks processes to ensure the highest quality standards for each and every business logo.


Dubai is home to hundreds of small and medium businesses with strict finances. At Digital Gravity, we offer highly competitive and affordable pricing for our logo design online services, so every business has a chance to make it big in the market.

Innovation and Creativity

Over the years we have been known for our wit and innovation; something we are quite proud of. We have some of the best designers in the market who really loves playing around with art and design to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Client Satisfaction

When you partner with Digital Gravity, you can be sure of partnering with a company that won’t leave any stone unturned to achieve the best logo for your business.


We are proud of our legacy as a Dubai based logo design firm with an international clientele. Over the years, we have retained our position as the leading agency that’s committed to quality and standards; something reflected by our high client retention rate.

A winning Logo Design Process:

Here’s how we can design exquisite winning logos for our clients:

Step One: The Brief

As soon as we are contacted by a business for a logo design, we send out a questionnaire that requires detailed briefing from the clients. The questionnaire contains queries relating to the business model, aspirations and logo design ideas from the client side.

Step Two: The Conceptual Image

Once we got the brief from the client, our team of designers will create conceptual images for the logo and send it to the client for feedback.

Step Three: The Designing

Once we have the initial feedback for a particular design, our designers will take over the recurring process of designing and taking feedback until the client is 100% satisfied.

Step Four: The Final Logo

Once the design has been agreed upon, we send a professionally maintained “logo style guide” which will include all aspects of the logo including the design file, colors, and fonts.

We make your product uniquely competitive with our highly-creative logo designs. Your logo will be:

Distinctively Simple
Stunning & Memorable
Versatile &Custom
Brand/Product Appropriate
Timeless Features
Bold, Colourful & Stylish