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UAE Market leader in mobile application development with powerful backend technology and interactive user interface to help you succeed.

A Proven Approach to Success:

Two main factors that influence the success or failure of mobile apps include an interactive user interface and a solid backend development. At Digital Gravity, our team of expert mobile app developers and designers make sure your app gets checked for both of these factors, ensuring greater sales and success for your business. We create aesthetically pleasing and interactive mobile app designs that engage and hooks users and earn their loyalty with an enchanting User Experience (UX). We create intelligent mobile apps, which keeps getting better over the years. As one of the top-rated mobile phone app development and design agency in Dubai, we are fully resourced to transform your app idea into reality.

Winning Mobile App Design Solutions Company

The mobile revolution is going big with virtually every business competing in the industry to win over customers. It’s time you jump on the bandwagon and exploit the power of mobile apps to transform your business into a brand and increase your revenue streams.

At Digital Gravity, our mobile add design solutions are meant to give clients the competitive advantage of exquisite UI and a solid backend development technology to help them achieve organizational goals and bottom lines. When you partner with Digital Gravity, you can be sure of partnering with a mobile app development teams that don’t settle for anything less than excellence. We create highly responsive, interactive and aesthetically pleasing mobile app designs to help stay ahead of the competitive curve and win over more customers’ loyalty.

Our process

While we got some pretty amazing mobile app developers and designers with abilities to deliver the powerful punch with their expertise, however, we like to collaborate with you. We understand that the only way to develop a winning app is by closely collaborating with our clients; listening to their aspirations, giving in to their ideas and polishing them with our expert opinions.

We listen to you and understand your needs to get all the insights into the app to sculpt… We use the state-of-the-art prototyping tools to ensure that you stay updated with the status of the project and don’t get any nasty surprises at the end of the day. We have put in place a systematic approach that entails from the beginning of the project to the very end, which allows us to remain committed to our quality standards as well as to be able to deliver the project within a stipulated time.

The Complete Suite of mobile app development agency solutions

Whether you are looking for iOS app design, Android app development or mobile web app development, we offer a complete suite of app design and development solutions in Dubai. We offer end-to-end solutions that include conceptualization, designing, coding, testing, and deployment.

Digital Gravity – You got to try us to believe us for custom mobile app development!

We are a leading mobile app development agency in Dubai committed to enabling our customers to achieve business bottom lines. Our team of professional developers and designers are exceptionally resourced and committed to create interactive and world-class mobile apps by combining the power of novel ideas and cutting-edge tech.

Apart from the technical expertise, we also boast of our exceptional customer service where you have the final say. Our responsive customer support staff and a client-centric methodology enable us to offer you a unique experience of customer service where you stay updated with everything that’s going on with your project.

Our High Valued Services for Native and Hybrid Applications

Our services are focused on strategic planning and delivering result relevant to your business. We offer a variety of mobile app development services to meet the needs of your business.

iOS app development

Get ready to boost your revenues over the new generation of Apple products. Our team of expert developers and designers are fully capable to give you an exceptional iOS apps that’s adheres to the latest trends and user preferences. Our iOS apps come with an incredible user interface, exquisite appeal, and unmatched reliability.

Android app development

Android remains at the forefront of all the mobile app industry. At Digital Gravity, our expert Android app developers and designers are fully capable to deliver you enchanting and reliable Android apps that come with smooth functionalities and aesthetically appealing interface.

Hybrid app development

To give you the best of both the worlds, our master app developers and designers give you hybrid apps that come with exceptionally smooth working for both iOS and Android platforms.


Q. Why I should choose Digital Gravity?

What makes us unique is our ability to deliver solutions for the entire spectrum of smartphone app development and designing process. We are one of the leading and highly reputed mobile app design agency in Dubai, with hundreds of satisfied clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and greater Middle-Eastern region. Over the years, we have built our reputation as a responsive and passionate app development agency and our customers know us for delivering exceptional apps that have enabled them to significantly increase their business revenues.

If you think you got the next big idea, simply get in touch with us today and experience the difference yourself!

Q. Do you give a fixed price quote?

Yes, we do.

Before we initiate the project, we like to sit down with you for a detailed project meeting. In this meeting, we tend to list down all the specifications that will be involved in the project and give you a fixed price. Yes, you will be able to have a fixed price with no hidden charges or sneaky fees.

Do you build apps for all platform?

Yes. We offer complete mobile app development services that include iOS, Android and hybrid app development. We understand that businesses are increasingly looking to target all possible mobile platforms to increase their market share and revenues, thereby, our solid hybrid development framework ensures your app remains at top of performance for all platforms.

I have a great idea, where should I start with?

If you think that you have a great idea and want to monetize it, you need to talk to us. Our experienced developers and designers can help you transform your idea into reality (which you can monetize). Please remember that ideas alone can’t help you succeed. Our professional digital strategists will work with you over the idea and help it become market optimized for success.

High-quality, user-friendly & easy to navigate next gen mobile applications. We do it with:

Social Integration
Custom Elements
Eliminate Clicks
Analytics Embedded
Active Feedback System