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Our responsive website design reduces the bounce rate, optimise performance & future proof your corporate brand


Responsive Website Design.

With the advent of globalization, it is imperative that your company has a quality website. Due to this particular reason, in each project we put the best of our creativity, enabling our customers' companies to have a distinctive image that distinguish them from their competitors.

Through our creative solutions and the usage of modern technology, we design and develop websites according to their target audience and with the intended objectives. We are highly focused on accessibility, functionality and the creativity of design. We create websites considering the image of the company, with personalized design and adaptability for all mobile devices to optimize the dissemination of your products and services.

We have the best team of experienced professionals who work upon the creation, development and assembly of responsive websites in UAE. We develop websites of companies from all the industries. These websites include institutional websites, sites for professionals, small business websites, websites for service providers, websites for lawyers, websites for eateries etc.

From the specification of a project to the final adjustments and the performance of a website or portal, Digital Gravity has technical and practical expertise in all the steps necessary to develop web projects for your company. These steps entail Design, Layout and Delivery:

Modern design: Design has a major impact that differentiates website. It is one of the most important business prospecting elements and helps in engaging and attracting visitors towards the website. Considering this, we work with great creativity and commitment to deliver each project to our clients with best functionality and appealing visibility.

Responsive layout: In the era of mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, tablets etc.) your business should not be left out. Hence, it is essential to have a responsive, mobile friendly website layout design.

Quick delivery: We know the importance of the project, hence ensure quality work and delivery in short span of time. So, you can start gearing up your business quickly/ as earliest as possible.

Sharp, clean, organic &humane design that’s pleasing for the eyes. Particular specifics are:

Interactive Layers
Vibrant & Bold Typography
Buttonless UI
Split Screens
Animation & Photo Content
Custom Illustration