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Ecommerce Development.

How to design an e-commerce website the right way?

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We create e-commerce web applications for businesses to optimize their profit curve!

A winning e-commerce website design is able to attract and engage visitor, while subtly convincing them to take the actions you want them to take. At Digital Gravity, we are a complete e-commerce web app development company that offers end-to=end solutions for a winning and result-driven e-commerce platform including strategy development, integrations, designing, development, migrations and support & maintenance.

A Result-driven e-commerce web development:

As one of the best e-commerce web app development company in Dubai, we make sure to keep a check on each individual aspect of the platform to ensure the highest standards and a winning platform for our clients. Few key elements that influence e-commerce development project include:

- Number of products

The size of the inventory directly influences the complexity of the project. It also influences the type of maintenance and updates required for the platform (manual or automatic). Before we begin an e-commerce web design and development project, we make sure to understand the volume of inventory and the frequency at which it needed to be updated. This gives us the crucial information required to choose the right content management system (CMS) that will suit the needs of the business.

- Required Functionalities

A winning e-commerce platform will come with robust back-end functionalities to tackle and control the store operations and ensure seamless operations at the front-end. This is also important to offer customers an interactive and smooth user experience (something that’s crucial for the success of any e-commerce store). As one of the top e-commerce web design and development agency in Dubai, UAE, we ensure to offer robust functionalities (front-end and back-end) to keep up with the market trends and ensure the success of the store.

- Integrations

While content management system definitely forms the fundamental structure of an e-commerce store, there’s always a need for integration with third-party platforms and software to be able to achieve the desired outcome. At Digital Gravity, we take into consideration the current and future integration needs of the business beforehand, so as to ensure the highest standards and smooth functioning of the store.

- Payment Gateway / Checkout System

The payment gateway or purchase process is yet another crucial element for any e-commerce store. it can either be a simple checkout process or can include other options like subscriptions or delayed payments. As one of the best e-commerce web development and design company in Dubai, UAE, we have the required resources to build a customized payment gateway for businesses that requires a unique payment solution. Else, we can also help businesses to choose the best available payment gateway that serves their needs and requirements.

- The Content

Away from the intricacies of design and technicalities of development, a winning e-commerce store needs rich and resourceful content lavishly displayed across the front-end of the store. The content should be able to give users the reason to make the purchases and help them connect with the philosophy of the store.

- The Budget

Lastly, we can’t forget the budgetary limitations of businesses. As the leading e-commerce web app development agency, we offer unique and custom e-commerce solutions to businesses of all sizes and models. We have the resources to develop fully custom e-commerce store from the scratch, while we also offer low-budget platforms for small businesses, to give them a chance to scale in the industry.

E-Commerce Web design and development - helping you aim for new horizons!

There’s a massive competition going along in the online industry. The surest way for businesses to make an impact is to offer a radically different and highly optimized UI/UX that interacts with customers and compel them to take actions you want. At Digital Gravity, we have come of the most amazingly talented and resourceful designers and developers working passionately to create the most enchanting and exquisite e-commerce platform interface that hooks visitors and help businesses to transform into brands.

Expand your business horizons with our custom e-commerce web development solutions!

Irrespective of the size of complexity of the project, we have the resources and expertise to deliver the best e-commerce platform to businesses in Dubai, UAE. We are a Dubai, UAE based company and one of the pioneers of e-commerce website design and development in the region. Our simplified and robust web design and development strategy make the entire process of e-commerce platform creates a seamless experience.

Custom Web Development – An Engineering Marvel aimed to help you achieve better revenues.

We are one of the most experienced web design and development agencies in the UAE, offering the latest technology and tools in the industry. We intelligently implement the right content management system at the back-end of the store that meets the unique needs and requirements of the business as well as easily integrates with the third-party apps/software whenever required. Our in-depth analysis of the project also means that you get a platform that optimally developed to suit your scalability needs, so your platform grows as you grow. Last but not least, we integrate the best in class security features into the platform to ensure security and privacy at all times.


Q. What’s your preferred content management system?

Our team of developers is well-versed with a variety of content management systems including Magento, Drupal, osCommerce and many more. However, WordPress remains our preferred CMS choice because of its open source as well as frequent updates and security patches.

Q. Is it possible to connect inventory software to our online store?

Yes for sure. We offer complete e-commerce integration solutions. However, we would like to understand the integrations required at the start of the project to be able to see if there is an already built API available that can be used for your integration need. Else, we can create a custom API to meet your integration needs.

Q. What are the standard functionalities offered by you with e-commerce web development project?

Well, we offer custom functionalities as per the needs and requirements of clients, rather than offering any standard off-the-shelf solution.

Q. Can you develop custom functionalities for our e-commerce store?

Yes, we can. As one of the best e-commerce web development agency in Dubai, UAE, we have all the resources required to develop custom functionalities for different CMS including WordPress, Magento, and others.

Q. what payment gateway you use for e-commerce stores?

Well, that purely depends upon your preferences and needs. We have experience of working with all major payment gateways including Paypal and others.

Q. Would we be able to update and maintain the store ourselves?

Yes. Part of our services ensures that clients are able to easily maintain and update their e-commerce store for routine work. We also offer training to help you understand the process. So, for all the basic work like product updates and inventory management, you will be able to perform it yourself.

Our websites are carefully developed for unforgettable digital experience. Some key features are:

Mobile Compatible
Easy User Access
Fast Load Time
Smooth & Effective Navigation
Error-Free Management
Browser Consistent